Swedish Massage

 is the most commonly known type of massage.  The therapist uses mild-to-moderate pressure to help loosen the client’s muscles and increase flexibility.  When you think of Swedish Massage, just think, “The Ultimate Relaxation Experience”!

Deep Tissue

 is a form of Swedish massage that is more focused on problem areas.  This is a slower paced massage used to penetrate deeper into the muscles and target knots.  Sometimes stretching is included, as it can aid in improving your range of motion.  Deep Tissue Massage is a perfect choice for the client who wants a more intense massage experience.

Sports Massage

 is a highly personalized massage dependent upon each client’s performance goals.  The focus of Sports Massage is maximizing performance in the athlete’s sport of choice through more intense, deeper, and sometimes faster massage and stretching.  In short, Sports Massage is not for sissies!

Pre or Post Event Sports Massage

 is focused on warming up or cooling down your muscles from an intense athletic event.  Generally 48 hours before or after any event is the best time for a lighter and faster sports massage.

Prenatal Massage

 is typically a gentler form of massage that focuses on the woman’s changing body.  This massage is tailored throughout the pregnancy to fit the body’s needs at each stage of pregnancy.   Prenatal Massage is a perfect gift to give that special friend or loved one in your life who is experiencing the miracle of pregnancy.

Foot Scrub & Massage

is a little slice of heaven!  This is a 20 minute massage on the feet and/or calves.  If you have stand on your feet all day, have Plantar Fasciitis, or just need to be pampered, this is perfect for you!


will help you complete your experience with your own customized blend of essential oils.  You can add aromatherapy to any massage of your choice.


30-Minute Massage $50
30-Minute Massage (Prepay)* $40
60-Minute Massage $80
60-Minute Massage (Prepay)* $65
90-Minute Massage $110
90-Minute Massage (Prepay)* $95
Aromatherapy (per session) $10
*These prices are only available at your current visit when prepaying for your next visit.
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